Dogs Are The Help *Show Spelled

Have you ever heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well that may or may not be true. What about an animal a day? Now that is a completely different story.


[dawg, dog] Show IPA noun, verb, dogged, dog·ging. 

1.a domesticated canid, Canis familiaris,  bred in many varieties.
2.any carnivore of the dogfamily Canidae, having prominent canine teeth and, in the wild state, a long and slender muzzle, a deep-chested muscular body, a bushy tail, and large, erect ears. Compare canid.
3.the male of such an animal.
4.any of various animals resembling a dog.
5.a despicable man or youth.
 In fact, there is a number of proven health benefits for people, including physical, mental and emotional improvements, from creating social skills to lowering a person’s risk of heart attack. Keep reading to find out five reasons to open your home to a furry friend, and why it might be just what the doctor had ordered.
 The idea of snuggling with a pet to help dispose of your allergies might seem a little backwards to you, the following may come as a surprise: University of Wisconsin-Madison pediatrician James E. Gern has created a number of studies that demonstrate having a pet in the home can actually lower a child’s likelihood of developing related allergies by as much as 33 percent. In fact, his research — as published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology — shows that children exposed early on to animals tend to develop stronger immune systems overall. While this might not mean much for adults who are already struggling with pet allergies, it is good news for families in which this isn’t already an issue, but rather just a concern about what could happen in the future.
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